Responsive Web Design Can Help Generate More Sales Leads

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Create a website that responds to multiple devices so you don’t lose potential sales through poor user experience.

As our lives continuously become more digital, our time spent online is spread across multiple channels and devices. 90% of people use multiple screens sequentially to accomplish their online goals with the most popular activities being web browsing, shopping, managing finances and travel.

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A consumer’s first experience with your company will most likely be your website. 1.2 million Irish people access the internet via their smartphone so it is inevitable consumers will view your website in this format. If your website is not mobile ready, you risk poor user experience and loss of potential lead.

Pinch & Gloom

As people consume more and more content via smartphones and tablets the window of opportunity to engage a user lessens. Consumers adapt to the latest trends and technology, they won’t spend time to use the traditional “pinch and zoom” method to navigate your website, they will come to expect your website to adapt to their device’s screen size. Your website needs to be ready to meet the consumer’s expectations.
How does a Responsive Website Work?

A website that is set up to be responsive will automatically adapt itself to the device you are viewing it on. It will re-organise its layout, transform the navigation menu and scale down images to suit your screen size. It heightens the overall user experience of your site on a mobile device and can help hold the interest of a potential customer who is navigating your site in need of services or products.

Responsive = Return on Investment

Upgrading your site to a responsive design can cut down on development and maintenance costs as there will only be one website to maintain. Targeting consumers more efficiently across all devices can increase your reach and potentially generate more sales leads. The enhanced user experience of a responsive site can aid customer retention and also gives your business an opportunity to re-connect with past customers with your new mobile compatible website.

Test Your Website

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Base: All Irish respondents n= 1,003, Internet users n=821 Mediascope Europe