Marketing Powered By Words

October 4, 2013     / / /




Hi, I’m Wayne Fahy and I write content for connector360. As you imagine, I love words! Not just literature, but how the internet is now a life-manual bursting with knowledge on how to solve nearly any problem, provided by we, the people. Expert and amateur, company and customer alike, we have banded together to create an answer for the Frequently (and not so Frequently) Asked Questions on life, the universe and everything.

I do believe that if Google was around when I was learning to ride a bike many years ago, I probably would have learned how by researching articles like “Say Goodbye to Stabilisers: 10 Tips to Riding a Bike Before You Turn 6”. Dad just wouldn’t have been able to compete with the crowd-sourced knowledge I might have gathered online…

The internet now contains a seemingly infinite treasure trove of knowledge that we use to enrich our lives. I love it as this digital frontier is (mostly) without borders, barriers or restrictions. Information is shared so selflessly in the digital age – we can all use the amazing content provided by experts, forums, discussion groups to improve our lives.


Marketing – Powered by Words

Marketing has seen a true explosion of great content and knowledge sharing in the past 5 years. For businesses, marketing professionals worldwide offer up a staggering array of useful insight for anybody looking for marketing know-how on growing their business. On one hand there is the small business owner dipping a terrified toe into the digital ocean for the first time, on the other are seasoned professionals looking to trade cutting-edge tips with peers. We can all absorb these debates and lessons and apply lessons to our own marketing endeavors.

Switching headgear then to wear my digital consumer hat, it also means that we all now live in a world where we now have the means and the opportunity to talk back to the brands we deal with and buy from everyday. We demand more from them and expect they understand what we want from their product and their service before we purchase. Social media has levelled the playing field between man and brand like never before and it is all because of word of mouth gone digital.


What are Words Worth?

Words are a currency of high value online. They add value to brands, by making them experts or thought leaders in our eyes through highly detailed, informative blogs that help us solve a problem in our own life. Sometimes a brand simply responding to a customer’s tweet, email or Facebook wall post can show us that there is a person behind the company. That can make
all the difference to our loyalty and trust for a brand. Its all about words, and how we now use them.